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Atlantic GSM 10

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Atlantic GSM 50

Game Trail Camera
Game Trail Camera

About SA Agri Farm Online

Imagine driving a tractor without any gauges: no tacheometer, thermometer, oil indicator, fuel level, etc. Turn on the engine, push the accelerator, and there it goes. You are driving - maybe not far, maybe not for long. Sooner or later the tractor will end up in the mechanicís shop.

A large irrigation system is a complex machine, stretched over a large area. Nevertheless, on many farms, this is exactly what people do: operating these systems with almost no feedback to tell them about the performance.

Competitive markets in horticulture and agriculture encourage growers to seek more control on the plants' performance and increase uniformity throughout. The ability to "feed" the plants with the exact amount of water and nutrients at the right moment has proven to be essential for harvest quality, quantity and timing. "Well tuned" irrigation systems can be an ultimate tool for the plants' control and uniformity management.

Willem Amoraal, a mechanical and electronic engineer, has developed and commercialized the well known Gulf irrigation computer in the late 1980ís. It is still the most reliable tool in irrigation today.

Since the late 1990ís, Cornelis Amoraal has filled senior management positions in various agricultural businesses as business developer and grain trader, and more recently also in the irrigation industry.

The combined experience in the irrigation automation industry between these two brothers, is more than 30 years. It is their passion for farming automation technology that has lead to the formation of AgriFarm.

AgriFarm sells agriculture automation products, systems and solutions directly to the farmer. Their extensive range of irrigation automation systems and other automated farming devices, make AgriFarm a leader in the commercial agriculture automation industry.

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Game Trail Camera
Take photo's day and night. Game Trail Camera. Various applications, game, intruder protection ect. Sent a photo to your cellphone. Works with any network who has MMS facilities.
Atlantic GSM10. Your personal watchdog, Anywhere, anythime!!!
* Is the alarm activated? * Is the reservoir full? * Is the pivot stuck? * Are the lights on? * Can I open a gate with this unit? * Can I activate a pump with this unit? YES YOU CAN!!! WITH AN ATLANTIC GSM 10
Atlantic GSM50. Stay in touch with a sms!!!!
* Is the electric fence activated? * How can I monitor electricity consumption? * Is the alarm activated? * Will I receive an alert in case of a fire? * Must I give every resident a remote to open the main gate? * Is the security lights on? * Is the swimming pool pump on?