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Atlantic GSM 50
Atlantic GSM 50

Replacement of pivot cable
Replacement of pivot cable

Game Trail Camera
Game Trail Camera


Filter Technical Specifications

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Plastic Filter (10 Bar) (JPG, 46,60 kB) Last Updated: 02/05/2013

All-purpose filters from " to 3", for flow rates up to 50m/h. Easy maintenance: filter elemtns can easily be extracted from the filter housing for rinsing. Interchangeable filter element types ranging from 3,500 to 22 micron to provide perfect protection for your system. Available with exclusive features for semi-automatic cleaning.

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Tagline filter (8 Bar) (JPG, 38,23 kB) Last Updated: 08/07/2010

Irrigation all plastic filters for flow rates up to 50m/h. Easy maintenance: The filter elements can easily be extracted from the filter housing for rinsing. High quality, low pressure loss, no tools required. Wide range of flow rates, multiple filtration degreed, corrosion resistant, various applications, disc element or screen cylinder.

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Steel Filters (2" to 14") (JPG, 33,03 kB) Last Updated: 08/07/2010

All-purpose steel filters from 2" to 14", for flow rates up to 1000m/h. Interchangeable filter element types and a wide range of filtration degrees, from 3500 to 50 micron. Corrosion resistant, high quality coating, as well as stainless steel housings. Available with exclusive features for semi-automatic cleaning.

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Filtomat M100 (2", 3", 4", 6", 8" 10") (JPG, 55,23 kB) Last Updated: 08/07/2010

The most efficient hydraulic filters that require no external power source. For flow rates up to 400m/h. Fine filtration degrees: 500 - 80 micron. Large filter area: up to 6800cm.

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Filtomat M300 (10 Bar) (JPG, 71,24 kB) Last Updated: 08/07/2010

The most effective self-cleaning system on the market. Reliable supply of clean liquid. Wide choice of screen/mesh sizes for variable dirt loads. Fully automated remote operation. Hydraulic operation; no external power source required. Permanent screen media. Compact lightweight design to meet site infrastructure. Easy installation and maintenance. Specially tailored filters available.

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